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Russia launches missile attack: Air-raid warning across Ukraine

In Europe
February 07, 2024

An air-raid warning was issued in the country due to missile danger on the morning of 7 February.

Source: Map of air-raid warning; Air Force of Armed Forces of Ukraine

Details: An air-raid warning was issued in the eastern and southern oblasts.

The Air Force added that the air-raid warning was issued due the threat of cruise missile launches from TU-95 aircraft and the missile danger it poses.

Скриншот alerts.in.ua о 5.20

Скриншот alerts.in.ua о 5.20

Screenshot alerts.in.ua as of 05:20

Quote from Air Force: “Don’t ignore the air-raid warnings! We will inform you about changes in the situation later!”

Updated: At 05:55 (Kyiv time), an air-raid warning was announced in Vinnytsia, Cherkasy, and Kirovohrad oblasts, as well as in the city of Kyiv and its oblast.

In addition, a group of attack drones was spotted in the south of the country.

Скриншот alerts.in.ua о 5.58

Скриншот alerts.in.ua о 5.58

Screenshot of alerts.in.ua at 05:58

At 6:00 (Kyiv time), an air-raid warning was issued for the entire country, except for Zakarpattia Oblast.

Скриншот alerts.in.ua о 6.00

Скриншот alerts.in.ua о 6.00

Screenshot of alerts.in.ua at 6.00

At 06:15 (Kyiv time), the Air Force reported that the first group of missiles was in Kyiv Oblast, heading southwest.

Two more groups along the border of Poltava and Chernihiv oblasts, heading west.

In addition, a new group of missiles is in Sumy Oblast, heading for Poltava oblast.

At 06:22 (Kyiv time), several groups of missiles were reported in southern Kyiv oblast, heading for Vinnytsia Oblast.

A group of missiles in Kirovohrad Oblast are heading northwest. A missile in Sumy Oblast is heading for Chernihiv Oblast.

At 06:30 (Kyiv time), the Air Force reported cruise missiles in Vinnytsia Oblast, south of the regional centre.

At 06:38 (Kyiv time), the military reported that cruise missiles were flying over Vinnytsia and heading towards Khmelnytskyi.

At 06:44 (Kyiv time), it was reported that cruise missiles were manoeuvring in Vinnytsia, Khmelnytskyi, and Cherkasy oblasts.

At 06:51 (Kyiv time), cruise missiles from Khmelnytskyi entered Ternopil Oblast.

At 07:08 (Kyiv time), the Air Force reported that a cruise missile in Lviv oblast was moving towards the border with Poland.

At 07:42 (Kyiv time), the Air Force recorded missile launches again:

Missiles in the north of Kherson Oblast, heading west.

Several groups of missiles moving along the border of Chernihiv and Poltava Oblasts, heading southwest.


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