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Video of Python Attempting to Grab Pet Cat In Australian Backyard Is Wild

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April 06, 2024

A family in Australia had the shock of their lives when a large Carpet Python attempted to grab their pet tabby cat out of their backyard and make off with it.

Thankfully, the owner of the cat was able to pry the snake off her pet but not before the frightened cat ran into the house with the snake still attached and the owner screaming. Just watch this video.

Now, I’m never going to say unkind things about snakes. This snake was just doing what snakes do and they play a valuable role in taking care of pests like mice and other vermin. But if it were my cat? I’d be big mad too.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers posted on Facebook, “This afternoon Stu attended a job in Buderim where a large Carpet Python grabbed the pet cat out in the family courtyard!

The mum and daughter were able to get the snake off the cat safely and call us to come and relocate it! Some of the footage (and screams) were caught on the security camera out the back! Unbelievable!”

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Facebook users were alarmed too, and one person commented, Cat traumatized. Snake traumatized. People traumatized. Welcome to Queensland.” LOL! Another person made a very smart point with, “As both a wildlife, including snake rescuer, and now running a cat rescue as well, I tell everyone to keep cats inside. This is a perfect example and the outcome way better than when a cat attacks a little vens, often deadly for both. But, I too laughed.”

Yeah, see, I never let my cats outside unless I’m with them. I’m too paranoid.

What Exactly is a Carpet Python?

Carpet Pythons are native to both Australia and New Guinea. They grow to be between five and nine feet in length and eat things like small mammals, birds, reptiles on occasion and you know, a poor house cat sitting in the yard.

They get their name from their beautiful scale markings and colors, which are said to resemble an oriental carpet pattern. They also use their beautiful camouflage to blend into their surroundings and patiently wait for unsuspecting prey to pass by before striking with a quick, powerful bite. After capturing their prey, they constrict it until it suffocates before swallowing it whole. Which is probably what this snake had in mind when he grabbed that poor cat to begin with!

Well, these owners are way braver than I would have been. I’m so glad their cat is safe and that snake has been relocated!

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