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Afghanistan’s Choice: Counter Terrorism or Regional Instability

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March 25, 2024

A video has recently surfaced from the Dangar Algar region of Afghanistan. It shows members of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Afghanistan (TTA) planning attacks on Pakistani security forces. This raises serious questions about the ongoing threat of terrorism and the role of the Afghan government in maintaining regional security.


In the video, a TTA commander is seen instructing the group, which includes both TTA and TTP members, on how to carry out attacks on Pakistani posts. The commander states, “We are prepared to attack Pakistan.” He further outlines the plan, which involves six rocket launchers, two lasers, and a sniper, all ready to act on the orders of the Ameerul Momineen Sheikh Abadullah. The video also reveals the presence of a suicide bomber and shows the group members expressing their readiness to engage in conflict against Pakistan.

Afghanistan's Choice: Counter Terrorism or Regional Instability

This video seems to confirm concerns that the Afghan government is violating the Doha Accord, an agreement aimed at ensuring lasting peace by preventing Afghan territory from being used for terrorist activities. The presence of TTA groups actively planning attacks within Afghanistan undermines this agreement The video also provides evidence that TTA members possess and know how to operate US military equipment. This suggests that these weapons were not secured following the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, implying a dangerous level of freedom for terrorist organizations in the region.


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The video highlights the role of Hafiz Gul Bahadur, a TTA commander with significant influence within the group. The prominence of figures like Bahadur raises concerns about the strength and organizational capability of the TTA in Afghanistan. This situation is worrying and feels like a step backwards for those hoping for peace and stability in the region.


Pakistan has repeatedly stated that terrorism is a threat to both Pakistan and Afghanistan. This leaked video underscores the importance of the Afghan government fulfilling its promise to combat terrorism. If they fail to do so, it will be impossible to achieve peace, economic growth, and cooperation in the region. It’s time for the Afghan government to step up. They cannot allow their country to continue to be a safe haven for terrorist groups that aim to harm their neighbors. Pakistan needs to work with the international community to pressure Afghanistan to fulfill its responsibilities. Only through collective effort can we hope to end the threat of terrorism and build a better future for the entire region.

The Afghan government should act responsibly. Terrorism is a danger to both Pakistan and Afghanistan. They should fulfill their role in combating terrorism so that both countries can prosper. This includes taking decisive action against groups like the one led by Hafiz Gul Bahadur. Ultimately, it all comes down to the political will of the Afghan government. They should change their policies and eradicate terrorism. Doing so will not only ensure the safety and security of their own country but also lead to diplomatic support, investment, and connectivity for Afghanistan. This is a crucial step towards a peaceful and prosperous future for the region.


The Afghan government must take concrete steps to address this growing concern. Here’s what they need to do:


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  1. Acknowledge the Threat: The first step is openly recognizing the threat posed by these terrorist groups. Continued denial only allows the problem to worsen and risks the safety of both Afghan and Pakistani citizens. Pakistan has repeatedly called for Afghanistan to hand over militants directly involved in terrorist attacks within Pakistan.

  2. Strengthen Security Measures: Afghanistan must increase security measures at border crossings and sensitive areas. Improving intelligence and surveillance will prove crucial in preventing planned attacks.

  3. Engage in Diplomatic Dialogue: It’s vital for Afghanistan to engage in diplomatic talks with Pakistan and other regional players. Working together will allow for coordinated strategies and a unified front against terrorism.

  4. Adhere to International Agreements: Afghanistan needs to demonstrate its commitment by strictly adhering to international agreements like the Doha Accord. This includes taking decisive actions against terrorist organizations operating within its borders.

  5. Act Against Terrorist Groups: To ensure lasting regional security, the Afghan government must proactively combat terrorist activity. This includes disrupting their training camps, cutting off their support networks, and bringing their leaders to justice.

Addressing this threat of terrorism requires a multi-pronged approach. By acknowledging the problem, strengthening security, engaging in diplomacy, upholding international agreements, and directly confronting terrorist groups, Afghanistan can pave the way for a more stable and peaceful future for itself and the entire region.

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