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The Drama of Missing Persons and the Terrorist Connection

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March 25, 2024

The recent Gwadar attack exposes a troubling pattern: so-called “missing persons” turning up as terrorists. This isn’t new – the Mach attack also involved individuals previously on missing persons lists.

The Drama of Missing Persons and the Terrorist Connection

Sadly, certain figures exploit this issue, blaming the army and Pakistan itself while likely receiving foreign funding. It’s true that missing persons lives are precious, and we took care of everyone’s lives, but these groups twist the narrative for their own ends. Despite government promises and a judicial commission, they spread lies. The commission’s data is clear: thousands of “missing persons” have been found, while many of those unaccounted for have joined terrorist groups like the BLA, BLF, and TTP. They use this “missing” status to tarnish Pakistan’s image.

Where’s the international outcry over hundreds of thousands missing in America, Britain, and India? The truth is Indian intelligence (RAW) funds groups like the BLA and BLF to create chaos in Pakistan. They exploit Baloch youth, then use their “missing” status to fuel their propaganda. The use of female suicide bombers, like in the Karachi University attack, is a horrifying tactic. Women like Mahrang Baloch serve as a cover for terrorists, crying injustice when anyone questions them.

The Drama of Missing Persons and the Terrorist Connection

Recent admittable statement of ex-Indian Army officers funding and being connected to the BLA and BLF are extremely concerning. Statements like “We pay them, and they do everything for us” from these ex-officers are a chilling indication of direct links.

This game of manipulating missing persons numbers can’t fool the world forever. The BLA, BLF, and their backers must realize their tactics have failed. It’s time to end this destructive cycle.

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