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Baby Cate American Rapper New Single Out ‘If I Fall’

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Baby Cate came up this time with a new single called ‘If I Fall’, a hip hop romantic song, a tune you need to check out, and here is our review exclusively.


Who is Baby Cate

Baby Cate is an American Rapper,  recording artist, music producer, songwriter, and engineer and she is from the Boston Area. Baby Cate is best known for releases such as her mixtape ’23,’ and her EP ‘Self Love,’ she brings original production and songwriting in a melodic style of her own. Her real name is Caitlin Simon and she was born in Jackson, Mississippi. She has been fond of music since her childhood, so at the age of 10 she first picked up an acoustic guitar and learned to play, she later started songwriting. Before going to high school, she discovered and fell in love with music production and her favorite program was Garage band but she ‘graduated’ to Logic Pro. she took piano lessons, and then she started posting covers of songs on Digital Platform.

After completing high school, Cate went to Hofstra University in New York to study Music. She later joined a collaborative hip hop group called “Last Hope,” featuring artists LBS, Dimitryus, Omarvelous, and Vintage Rob. Cate played a big role as a mix engineer for the group’s music as well as a featured artist.

At the beginning of 2019, also the year she graduated, she released her first official mixtape, “Baby Cate: The Mixtape.” It was the first official body of work that she wrote, produced, and mixed herself. In 2020, she released the single “WE GOOD.” in February and followed up with her EP ‘Self Love.’ In the fall, she would go on to release her mixtape ‘23’ which received recognition from The Source, Hip Hop Weekly, etc.


If I Fall Music Review

The cohesive and complete power that a single-composer single wields is quite evident in this one. If I Fall is a romantic hip-hop song, which is unlike your usual run-of-the-mill love songs. Composer Baby Kate has brought in a fresh approach and this lovely track reminds you of your love. if you listen to just two lines then you will understand the full song easily without thinking.

If I fall would you catch me?
If I cry would you hold me?

Cate has given her best for this and the audience wouldn’t mind listening, she has released the song on Spotify and iTunes.


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