KK Bollywood Singer aka Krishna Kumar Kunnath died

Bollywood Singer Krishna Kumar Kunnath aka KK died

Famous Indian singer Krishna Kumar Kunnath alias KK died of a heart attack. According to Indian media reports, 53-year-old singer KK suffered a heart attack after performing in a concert that proved fatal. He was rushed to a hospital where doctors confirmed his death. KK reportedly suffered a sudden heart attack during a concert in Calcutta and fell, after which he was rushed to a nearby hospital. The private hospital told Indian media that Krishna had died before he was brought to the hospital.

Krishna Kumar Kunnath

Bollywood Singer KK

It should be noted that KK’s first album ‘Pul’ came in 1999 and then he did not look back and sang one superhit song after another. KK sang one hit song after another in Bollywood movies during 2000. These songs are still loved by the fans. His superhit songs include the song “Tum Tad Tad” from the movie “Hum Dil De Chake Sanam”, “Dus Bahanay” and “Tune Mari Entrian”. The songs sung by singer KK have been filmed by Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, and other actors. Apart from Hindi films, he has sung in other local languages ​​and has won many awards.

Indian minister Arup Biswas also confirmed his death, saying: “Singer Anupam Roy called me up and said he is hearing something bad from the hospital.”

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