Indians in UAE lose jobs for Islamophobic social media posts

Three more Indians in UAE (United Arab Emirates) have lost their jobs for posting anti-Islamic comments on social media. According to media reports, a few days ago, the Indian ambassador had warned the migrants living in the Gulf country not to post such provocative messages on social media.

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According to a Gulf News report, two Indians in UAE chef Rawat Rohit and storekeeper Sachin Kinnigoli have been fired after posting anti-Islamic comments on social media or asked not to return to work.

Also, a private company in Dubai has taken action against the employee who was handling the cash counter and fired him. The names of the three men are among the half a dozen Indians in UAE who have been targeted in Dubai. The report said, “The warning issued by the Indian mission does not seem to have had any effect. Because the list of Indian immigrants posting Islamophobic comments and posts on social media is getting longer.

Let us tell you that on April 20, Indian Ambassador Pawan Varma warned Indians in UAE and residing in the Gulf countries not to post anti-Islamic posts or any controversial posts on social media that would hurt anyone’s feelings. A spokesman for the Ajadiya Group, which runs several restaurants, confirmed the dismissal of Chef Rohit. It was also informed that investigations are underway against Rohit.

Meanwhile, the Sharjah-based Newco Automation Company reported that storekeeper Sachin has been suspended pending further orders. According to the report, the owner of the company said that his salary has been withheld. Also, he has been told not to come to work.

Indians in UAE are actually from Hindu Religion they came to Gulf Countries for Jobs but instead of doing the work they spread hatred and negativity against Islam through social media, Indians in UAE should understand that this is not India where you can abuse Islam or spread hatred, here you will be arrested for abusing any religion.

Dubai-based Transguard Group said they have cracked down on an employee who had posted several anti-Islamic messages on his Facebook page under the name of Vishal Thakur. “Following an internal investigation, the actual identity of this employee was verified and he was stripped of his security credentials, terminated from our employment, and handed over to the relevant authorities as per company policy. As of this statement, he is in the custody of Dubai Police,” a Transguard spokesperson said in a statement.

Indians in UAE are always targeting Muslims and they always abuse Islam and Muslims sometimes they start violence, In March, chef Trilok Singh was fired from a restaurant in Dubai for an online threat against a student in Delhi over her views on the Citizenship Amendment Act.

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