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Corps Commander Karachi Honours Courage of Wounded Soldiers

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March 22, 2024
Corps Commander Karachi Honours Courage of Wounded Soldiers of Gwadar Attack

The Corps Commander Karachi has paid tribute to the extraordinary bravery of Pakistan Army soldiers injured in the Gwadar incident. During a visit to PNS Shifa on March 21, 2024, where the soldiers are recovering, Lieutenant General Babar Iftikhar saluted their unwavering courage in the face of terrorism.

Saluting the Nation’s Heroes the Corps Commander emphasized the young soldiers’ dedication, a shining example of the spirit that defines Pakistan’s youth. “The nation is deeply proud of its brave young men, who stand unflinchingly against those who seek to harm us,” he declared.

Unbreakable Spirit: A Symbol of Resilience The soldiers’ courage serves as a testament to Pakistan’s resolute spirit. Their bravery demonstrates that the nation will never be cowed by acts of terror.

Gwadar Attack Foiled: Defenders Lauded In a related incident, the heroism of two Pakistan Army soldiers who sacrificed their lives defending the Gwadar Port Authority Colony has been recognized. Their valiant actions thwarted an attack, eliminating eight terrorists and securing a cache of weapons. The ISPR has commended their bravery, emphasizing the unwavering commitment of Pakistan’s armed forces.

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