Exotic Expansion LLC: Is it one of few Best Stock Picking Services?

exotic expansion llc best stock picking services

Exotic Expansion LLC: You may have wondered once in a life that if you had someone who can advise you on which stocks to buy at the right time, even sitting at home, more comfortable without any hesitation, Wouldn’t it be nice? I am telling you that now your search ends here, now sit back, relax, and watch your portfolio grow on autopilot with Exotic Expansion LLC, isn’t that amazing?

What is Exotic Expansion & What are Stock Picking Services?

Exotic Expansion LLC is a limited liability founded in May 2020 in the USA, is a stock picking service. Companies say our mission is to get you to your first $10,000 in diversified stocks, and they claim to be the best stock picking service in the market. Stock picking service is designed to help investors identify exceptional stocks that will outperform the market, and that’s what the Exotic Expansion LLC does. They provide daily short and long calls on their discord server; they are stock picking software and have lots of clients who are making huge profits. The company claims that there is no community and software like our’s, and our members have the latest technology and receive the best advice from us.


Exotic Expansion helps its members to create a personally tailored portfolio according to the needs of the members. The portfolio assists the members to have the opportunity to earn long-term passive income for the rest of their life. Exotic Expansion is a credible and trusted stock-picking company, and it is one of the few stock-picking services that has not failed its members when it comes to providing good calls.

The membership for Exotic Expansion lifetime signals and software is for $250 for a one-time price having lots of benefits such as the following;



Premium members will get trader alerts on their official discord server. AI BOT provides hourly and daily calls. They also offer text signal alerts to the premium members about the good time to purchase and sell.


They provide one on one coaching support to their lifetime members.

Premium members will get advice support, stock calls, a private net worth tracker, a compound calculator, track other paid members, and access to the new feature when it comes. Apart from this, they have three different monthly packages. 

Monthly Video Subscription:

This package costs $25 every month, and the members will get access to all of their monthly videos. Members will get stock and crypto content every month. 

Monthly Signals Membership:

This package costs $45 every month with access to their member’s area, discord calls, and signals on when to buy and sell. 50% off on all videos and add-ons, full-time advice, support, and stock calls. One-on-one coaching, profile access, and a diverse personalized portfolio.

Three Months Video Subscription Bundle:

This package costs $60 every month and provides the same feature as a monthly video subscription but has a $15 discount.


What to Expect from Exotic Expansion LLC & Is it one of  Best Stock Picking Services?

Exotic Expansion picking services offer subscribers access to the most recent stock picks or even complete history with all details about entries and even exits. A stock advisor has to be transparent, and it should be crystal clear how the service works, how the trading’s signals are delivered, and how a similar performance can be archived by following their calls. It is also necessary that the performance is steady with proven long-term success.


  • Their picks show a great return.
  • Good track record of success
  • One time payment and lifetime relaxation
  • Stock software access included
  • One on One support from expert
  • One of the best stock picking services for long term investors
  • Real-time alerts
  • A friendly platform for beginners
  • Data-driven investment approach
  • Transparent and proven track record with public account statements
  • Excellent combi-package of options trading education, video lessons, and options picks

Software Addons

They have some addons which are categorized;


Fantasy stocks: 

A paper trading stocks market simulation app software where members can test stock market insights, master trading skills, and learn about the stocks.

Pocket holdings: 

Allows users to track all accounts and assets worth money and removes debt. Allows users to track their net worth and users company business expenses yearly.


Allows users to scale dividends and see projections of annual income if members invest x amount into a dividend stock.


Exotic Expansion also has a stock database with 300+ price targets for all of the value stocks. Their self-hosted video and news platform provides you all the updates, tutorials, and insights. They also have lottery ticket software that allows guest users to win memberships. Apart from this, they have free software, and they are giving free money, win it and get the prize, isn’t it too good? Their one feature allows users to make their watch list of good stocks from their database, which means members will know which stocks are trending and roaring. They allow their members to view other members holding, their sell, and buys. 


How to Become a Member?

They have their own Android App that is available on Google Play Store. The App interface is very much easy, and it is user-friendly. Becoming a member is easy, you can sign up with your discord username too, visit the official website of Exotic Expansion and learn more from there.


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