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NCA College’s Mahrukh Butt and Her Alleged Discrimination Against Pashtuns

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March 19, 2023
NCA College's Mahrukh Butt and Her Alleged Discrimination Against Pashtuns

The ongoing conflict against terrorism in Pakistan has been a challenging and arduous journey for all Pakistanis, with each citizen making significant contributions toward achieving peace and stability in the country. However, it is a fact that Pashtuns have borne a significant brunt of this conflict, and their suffering has been immense. EMEA Tribune has denounced the discriminatory remarks made by political parties such as PMLN and PDM, as well as Mahrukh Butt, regarding Pashtuns. In a video circulating on social media, two women were seen outside Zaman Park, with one wearing a red shalwar kameez and glasses, identified as Mahrukh Butt, a lecturer at the National College of Arts Lahore (NCA).

NCA College's Mahrukh Butt and Her Alleged Discrimination Against Pashtuns


EMEA Tribune strongly condemns any form of discrimination or racism directed towards any ethnic group, including Pashtuns, and calls for the promotion of inclusivity and harmony among all citizens of Pakistan. Let’s expose the agenda of Mahrukh.

NCA College's Mahrukh Butt and Her Alleged Discrimination Against Pashtuns

Who is Mahrukh Butt?

A recent incident has come to light where a woman, identified as the wife of Sajid Ahmed and daughter of retired army officer Lt General Ghulam Safdar Butt, made derogatory and racist remarks against Pashtuns. The woman, who teaches at NCA and resides far from Zaman Park in Lahore, was captured on video making the remarks.

NCA College's Mahrukh Butt and Her Alleged Discrimination Against Pashtuns

In the video, the woman can be heard stating that the people who came to Zaman Park in solidarity with Imran Khan looked like Taliban who were Pashto speaking. She went on to further state that these Pashtuns are dangerous and are from the Taliban. Such statements are baseless and deliberately untrue. Pashtuns have been staunch supporters of Imran Khan and are pro-Pakistani. They have never been associated with any form of militancy, extremism, or terrorism.

The woman’s comments were filled with hate and venom towards the Pashtun community who are known for their patriotism towards Pakistan. She also went on to thank law enforcement agencies for their efforts in kicking Pashtuns out of the area. It is deeply concerning that a teacher, someone who holds a position of influence and authority, would use such language against any ethnic group.

In conclusion, it is important to understand that making derogatory and racist remarks against any community is unacceptable and goes against the principles of unity and harmony in a diverse society such as Pakistan. Such incidents should be condemned and appropriate action should be taken to ensure that individuals who engage in such behavior are held accountable for their actions.


What Should Be Done Now? Responding to Social Media Outrage

  • Naming and shaming Mahrukh is a perfect solution, but it is not enough. Her actions call for more substantial actions to be taken to address the issue at hand. Her students should have boycotted her classes and demanded an apology from Mahrukh. Students have the right to study in an environment free from discrimination and prejudice.


  • A case should be filed against Mahrukh for racism and creating hatred between people and Pashtuns. Discrimination on the basis of ethnicity or race is unacceptable and should not be tolerated under any circumstances. It is important to hold individuals accountable for their actions, especially when their actions can harm others.


  • The second demand should be to the authority of the NCA college to suspend the teacher and take necessary steps to protect the student community from individuals like Mahrukh. The college should take a strong stance against any form of discrimination and should ensure that all members of the educational community are treated fairly and with respect.

It is important to note that incidents like these have a long-lasting impact on individuals and communities. Discrimination can lead to a sense of isolation, fear, and trauma. Educational institutions have a responsibility to create safe and inclusive environments that foster learning, growth, and mutual respect.  Individuals can go to the NCA college website Contact – National College of Arts (NCA) and complain to the authority of the college.









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