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Protestors Rally Against Gov Pritzker to Reopen Illinois

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Protestors Rally Against Gov Pritzker to Reopen Illinois

2088 New corona cases in Illinois were reported and an additional 74 deaths in the last 24 hours.
The state announced it has done 23,047 new tests in the last 24 hours


Illinois Health officials reported 2088 new cases of the coronavirus on Saturday and additional 74 people died due to corona, According to data released by the Illinois Department of Public Health. The statewide 7-day rolling positivity rate is 15%.

Total cases since the pandemic began in the state = 92,457

Total deaths since the pandemic began in the state = 41,29

Total tested done since the pandemic began in the state = 561,649

New tests in the last 24 hours = 23,047


Latest Updates from Illinois

♦ Protesters rally again for Pritzker to reopen Illinois


The demand for the reopening of the Illinois business was put on display at the Thomson Center in Chicago on Saturday afternoon when protesters said the governor has overstepped his authority demonstrated there. They demand that Illinois be reopened.

♦ More than 1000 people participated in the Reopen Illinois rally outside the Illinois Capitol Saturday afternoon.


Several Illinois lawmakers addressed the rally. Chris Miller (R-Auckland) said, “Freed me, or let me die!” Led the group with slogans.

The member of the Eastern Bloc says that now is the time to take back our state. However, he spent part of his speech talking about the silver lining found in COVID-19 epidemics.

Miller shouted, “The silver lining here is that we can identify our enemies. Both foreign and domestic.” “We have identified China as a foreign enemy. We have identified our domestic enemies in Nancy Pelosi and JB Pritzker.”

The crowd continued to rejoice and shout. “She wants to destroy the United States and she wants to destroy the state of Illinois.”

Tweets by the users


Pritzker, I will give you donuts if you let us go back to the work

Stop the comedic

Freedom of choice

Stop the vaccination

I Just want my Nails done


These slogans were said by the protestors, we will update you as we received some more information regarding this rally, let me have your say on Twitter & Reddit.

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