Success Story of Bizhan Shaban: A Renowned Fitness Model

Success Story of Bizhan Shaban: A Renowned Fitness Model

“There was a time when I used to think to myself that maybe I’m not good enough.” says now professional fitness model, Bizhan Shaban.

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Bizhan Shaban resides in New York, USA with his ancestral roots in Afghanistan. Studied at the Buffalo Public School. Now, he is successfully a Pre-Medical student at the University of Buffalo. However, getting into pre-medical school wasn’t easy at all. It required a lot of hard work and consistency. Recently, in one of his social media posts, he said;

Success Story of Bizhan Shaban: A Renowned Fitness Model


“Life itself is a challenge AS LONG as you keep moving forward. I have faced many challenges in my life. Whether it was achieving things like financial freedom or just being able to get into pre-medical school. Along the way, I guess I completely forgot to take a note of them. But I’m sure, I can give some ideas, inspiration, and motivation to some of you and I’m willing to dedicate myself to it.”


Bizhan Shaban:

As a teenager, Bizhan always kept his weight under control and physique well maintained by practicing hard. It was solely his passion for health & fitness that led him to become a renowned fitness model. He started like every other person, by researching and reading all day long about training and nutrition. Gradually, he dedicated himself to only training. Even though, it wasn’t a smooth road down the hill. He knew failure wasn’t an option for him and kept going.

Bizhan hits the gym six days a week and does cardio almost every day. He also overhauled his diet, crafting meals around veggies, chicken, and fish, and snacking only on nuts and protein shakes. No matter what, he maintains a strict diet and intense workout regimen along with his studies. In recent times, he also started modeling to showcase his hard work and give people some inspiration.

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