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Sunil Singhvi of Instagram in Northern Europe, UK Left the Company

sunil singhvi instagram

Sunil Singhvi is Partner Manager of Instagram & one of the best employees of Instagram has left the company after 4.5 years of incredible work. Instagram Employees have done awesome work for the creators, artists, and musicians and Sunil is one of those employees who showed creators/artists/musicians a way to achieve goals on Instagram and connect with the audience.


Who is Sunil Singhvi?


Before joining Instagram in 2017, Sunil was a director of music partnerships at Twitter. His responsibility was to work with the musicians and partner with the music industry and talent in the US. He has worked with many top musicians, artists, record labels, and broadcasters. Sunil joined Instagram in 2017 as a strategic partner manager in the UK where his job was to lead the partnership’s efforts in the UK across Entertainment, News, Sports, Influencers, and more. He later becomes the strategic partner manager of the whole of Northern Europe including the UK.


Sunil has done some solid works for creators and musicians, he was always the first to help the creators to achieve their goals on Instagram, He used to come live on Instagram and teach the audience, partners, musicians, artists, and creators that “How you can use Instagram features and products to get the audience, achieve your goals, engage with fans, and building the community”.


I have personally attended the sessions/videos hosted by Instagram Partner Manager Singhvi and I have learned so many things from him and the Entertainment partnerships team. Sunil was always available to help the creators and musicians, and his great work for the creators made a positive impact on the company.


Sunil’s Instagram Journey

On June 9, 2021, I saw an update (Post) on his timeline, and first I was very sad that why Sunil has left, he has to do more work but it’s a part of his job and he knows the best for himself.

And that’s a wrap, After 4.5 years at Instagram and nearly a decade at social media firms, it’s time for me to leave the industry for a bit. Instagram has been an incredible ride, I joined as stories were getting started and I am proud to have played a part in how the app has developed in the UK and on the odd occasion globally.

sunil singhvi instagram
The pic was taken from the social media account of Mr. Sunil Singhvi


Sunil announced this on social media today, he further added that.


As for me….. I am gonna record season two of “Most Important Podcast” and then I will start thinking about what I want to do for the next step of my working life, I am both excited and anxious.

sunil singhvi instagram
The picture was taken from social media of Mr. Sunil Singhvi


I DJ Kamal Mustafa personally wants to thank Sunil for this awesome work which he did for the social media companies, I wish him the best of luck and also want to thank the Entertainment Partnerships team UK, Northern Europe, and EMEA for providing the audience such platform where the artists, musicians, creators can express themselves without any hesitation, and for your all hard work, I respect.

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