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TikTok Star & Music Producer Jashmir Creates Another Dance Trend

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Music producer Jashmir aka Jashen Joel Govindsamy, 21, is better known by his fans as Jashmir.

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Who is Music Producer Jashmir?

The South African producer, sends the country on anotherdance wave. An Amapiano anthem, created by Durban youngster, is slowly blowing up around South Africa with TikTok challenges and dance moves being shared in response to the infectious beat.
Created the “Hot Like A Heator” trending sound which samples a young boy’s video and manipulated the vocal and turned it into a hot dance track. The track is to inspire people to showcase themselves looking “hot” during winter and transitioning from looking dull and gloomy into a hot version of themselves.  
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I created this sound to inspire people to showcase themselves as being comfortable and 
embracing their outer appearance
Basically to uplift spirits, said Jashmir, an award-winning music producer responsible for the major influence of Amapiano on TikTok with his # AmaiPhone ringtone remix and the #AmaSpongebob gaining major traction all over the globe. Last year, Jashmir caused a viral storm when he created the TikTok global trend Amaiphone – an Amapiano remix of the iPhone ringtone – that reached over 15-million views on the platform.
Jashmir said that making money from such a global trend depended on the streams and sales of the song. For example, he sold more than 1,000 copies of Amaiphone in two weeks, which brought in about R15,000. He added that most of the money came from royalties and advertisement deals. Last year, he sold the rights to Vodacom to use as a TikTok trend. 



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