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Workplace by Facebook, what is it & why big companies are using it?

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July 18, 2020
Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by Facebook is a leading connectivity platform, a Workplace is a communication tool for companies and businesses. The workplace now has over 5 million paying users. in this news article, you will understand how Workplace works, Workplace Pricing and what Workplace is, and who is behind its success.

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What is the Workplace by Facebook and the Feature?


Workplace by Facebook

Image Credit @Fb.com

The workplace is owned by Facebook Inc and was first announced on January 14, 2015. It was initially launched as a “Beta” version, and later in December 2016, Facebook announced the official release of Workplace. It is a secure workspace for companies to connect with their employees if we say in short words then “Workplace connects everyone in your company even if they are working remotely.”

Small or big companies can use Workplace as its features are the same as Facebook such as ‘Newsfeed, Groups, Messages, Chat, Live Video, Audio Translate, and People directory.” According to the data, around 30000 companies are using Workplace globally, Companies like retail, technology, telecommunications, financial services, media, entertainment, hospitality, food & beverage, transportation, real estate, utilities, shipping, and government.

Companies like Walmart, Royal Bank of Scotland, Virgin Atlantic, and many others are using the Workplace.

Few important features


Workplace by Facebook

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  • No ads which mean you won’t be disturbed by any ads when you use Workplace
  • Our support team will respond to your query within 24 hours
  • Newsfeed to keep people up to date with relevant company announcements
  • Groups for companies to share documents, videos, and photos with to manage projects and work with colleagues
  • Workplace chat is an instant messaging tool that allows text, voice calls, and video conferencing and you can add up to 50 colleagues
  • Broadcast live video from mobile devices
  • Find colleagues, build connections, and collaborate more effectively with a searchable database of profiles customized for individual organizations
  • Knowledge Library is a place to create, store and share static content like HR policies or work from home advice on desktop or mobile
  • Reactions and Comments
  • Pool a tool to get input from your employees into company decisions
  • Surveys for companies
  • Workplace data is stored across 12 Facebook-owned data centers, so you should not worry about data loss
  • Effective for remote work
  • Questions and Answers feature
  • Screen sharing
  • Very easy to use
  • Free and Paid for both versions

A workplace with Facebook Pricing

The essential version is free and it is best for teams that you can get the following feature in the free version.

  • Workplace chat
  • Group video calls
  • 5 GB per person file storage
  • Live video streaming
  • Auto translate
  • Mobile apps
  • Tools to secure collaboration between companies
  • Up to 50 groups
  • Help Center and Customer Resource Center but no direct support from Workplace employees

The premium version comes in two flavors, Advanced and Enterprise.

Advanced cost $4 a month while Enterprise is $8 a month, you can learn about Workplace Pricing by going to this official link of Workplace.

Who is Behind the Success of the Workplace?

Julien Codorniou


Julien joined Facebook in 2011 to manage a gaming team in Europe’s Middle East Africa (EMEA), and in 2015 he became the Vice President of Workplace by Facebook. Under Julien’s leadership, Workplace is serving more than 5 million paid users, including big companies like Walmart, Booking, Spotify, Nestle, and many others.


Karandeep Anand


Karandeep joined Facebook in 2015 as a Director of Facebook Infrastructure, and he became the Vice President and Head of Workplace by Facebook in 2018. Mr. Anand works closely with Julien and handles the product team for the Workplace.


Jody Ramsammy


Jody joined Facebook in 2018 as a Global Head of Partnership Program, one of the key people who handle the Workplace team and partners very efficiently. Jody is overall responsible for Partner Engagement, Relationship Management, and Marketing Development inclusive of Demand Generation and Operations. 


Nazir Ul-Ghani


Nazir joined Facebook in 2018 as Head of Workplace with Facebook for EMEA (not for EMEA TRIBUNE :P) Europe Middle East Africa. Nazir is responsible for sales in EMEA, Account Management, and Customer Success, in short Nazir looks at everything in these regions.


These are the key players who handle the Workplace very efficiently but this is not over yet, behind the success of the Workplace still there are many more such as these.


  • Ashish Uchil (Head of Customer Success (The Americas)
  • Jason Singh (Head of Marketing in North America)
  • Sara Martinez Lopez (Head of the Workplace, handles Liberia, Italy, Middle East, and Africa)
  • Katie Cameron (Head of Global Operations)


I hope you have understood “What is Workplace by Facebook” and how to use it properly to engage with your colleagues and increase your sales. Now, if you want to get a free trial of the Workplace then head over to this link and try “Workplace” for 30 free days.


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