Yawovi Agboyibo

Yawovi Agboyibo former Togo Prime Minister dies at age 76

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Yawovi Agboyibo was a former Togo Prime Minister and was the National President of the Action Committee for Renewal dies at age 76 on Saturday, May 30, 2020, in France (Paris).

Yawovi Agboyibo Biography 

born in 1943 was the Prime Minister of Togo from 2006 to 2007, he was a politician and was a key figure in Togolese politics. He was the national president of the political party (CAR). Yawovi was a lawyer by profession and human activist. Yawovi played an important role in the democratization process in Togo.

According to the sources in Togo Yawovi Agboyibo died from pulmonary disease, he was in France for a few months for checkups as he was ill for the last few months. EMEA TRIBUNE has tried to contact the family but unfortunately couldn’t get in touch with them. A news agency in https://afreepress.tg/ has confirmed.


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