Dua Zehra, Nimra Kazmi, and Dinar left home for marriage

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A statement has been issued by the police on the issue of reports of the disappearance of three girls from Karachi in which it was stated that the three girls left home with the intention of getting married.

A statement issued by the Karachi Police Spokesperson said that Dua Zahra, Nimra Kazmi, and Dinar were missing from Karachi Dua Zehra and Nimrah Kazmi’s parents registered the cases while Dinar’s parents from Soldier Bazaar registered the case but later withdraw the request.

According to the police spokesperson, as soon as the cases were registered, the police launched a search and kept in touch with the parents of the victims. A police statement issued by the spokesperson said that video statements were released by the missing dua Zehra and Nimra Kazmi in which both the girls were confirming their voluntary departure from the house.

According to the spokesperson, the three girls left home with the intention of marrying voluntarily. The Karachi police investigation team is in constant touch with the Punjab police and our teams have reached Punjab. Action will be taken.


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It should be noted that the missing girl from Karachi Dua has been allowed by the Lahore court to go with her husband. Dua Zehra stated in the court that I am 18 years old and I am an adult, I came to Lahore from Karachi of my own free will and no one kidnapped me.


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