Facbook is testing a new feature “Threads” says Matt Navarra

Facebook Testing New Feature Threads Matt Navarra

Matt Navarra, a UK-based social media consultant & a well-known public figure, Navarra is well known for spotting new features of social media companies. He has discovered so many features recently “Instagram is Testing a Desktop Posting Feature” last week. He has recently spotted a new feature of Facebook known as “Thread.” he shared the screenshot on Twitter & announced the incredible discovery of the new feature of Facebook.

(Image and Tweet credit Matt Navarra https://twitter.com/MattNavarra)


What is Threads?

A person who sent series of posts/replies to a single post is known as a thread. Twitter has this option since 2017, but now Facebook is testing this feature too for the users.

As soon as there are more updates about this feature, we will update this post. Feel free to follow him on Twitter for more discoveries.


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