Haqiqi Azadi March: Imran Khan gave 6 days ultimatum to government

Haqiqi Azadi March: Imran Khan gave 6 days ultimatum to government

ISLAMABAD: PTI Chairman Imran Khan has given a six-day ultimatum in Haqiqi Azadi March to the government to declare elections. According to details, Imran Khan reached Jinnah Avenue Islamabad and in his address to PTI workers, he gave a six-day ultimatum to the government and said that if the imported government did not announce the election, he would return to Islamabad with 3 million people. The imported government should dissolve the assembly and declare elections in six days.


Addressing the protesters on Jinnah Avenue in Islamabad, Imran Khan warned the government to announce the date of elections soon or else they would return to the federal capital with “the whole nation”.

Imran Khan in Haqiqi Azadi March

Imran Khan said that he had decided that he would stay here till the date of the election, but the situation he has seen in the last 24 hours shows that they are trying to get our police to fight with our people. Chairman PTI said that they are leading my country towards anarchy, they want the people to fight the police to save themselves, and they want to spread hatred against the police. Rangers were used, just like us we are Terrorists and traitors of the country, they are also doing us against our Army.

“If I sit here, they will make our army and police fight. The army is ours and the police are ours and the people are ours,” he said.

Earlier, when the main convoy of the Haqiqi Azadi March reached Jinnah Avenue, a large number of workers were present on Jinnah Avenue, the people were chanting slogans against the imported government and against slavery.

Imran Khan reached Jinnah Avenue and said in his address to the people that peaceful protest was our right but the imported government used violence. I want justice from the Supreme Court. He said that peaceful protest is allowed in every country’s democracy. But 5 of our people were martyred.

“I always invite families to my meetings. Our freedom movement includes women and children. I especially salute the women of my nation. The imported government has resorted to violence. I want justice from the judges and lawyers.”

He said that Diesel came to Islamabad twice and called a sit-in. Instead of stopping Diesel, we had asked him to give us his container. Bilawal left Sindh to start trembling. How many times have these gangs of thieves tried to overthrow our government, they have staged demonstrations, I have never stopped rounding up, they have protested in our time, can’t we protest?


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