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According to Dow University treatment ready for corona virus patients

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Karachi: Dow University of Health Sciences has claimed that “We have made a vaccine for coronavirus treatment”

Important achievement of Pakistani scientists


According to the Dow spokeswoman, the “intravenous immunoglobulin” vaccine is an important step in the fight against coronavirus.

He said that globulin has been prepared from transparent antibodies obtained from corona virus-treated patients, experts have also conducted globulin testing and animal safety trials, which have been successful.

Prof Shaukat Ali says globulin production is a ray of hope in the Corona crisis

Professor Saeed Qureshi said that “IVIG” is a significant step forward in the war against Coronavirus.


According to Dow University Professor Saeed, “we have tested this vaccine on animals and the result was successful” 

he further added that we have sent a letter to the government of Pakistan to approve our request so we can test this vaccine on humans and once we start testing the vaccine we will have results in 2 to 3 weeks.


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