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Has Express Crypto Expresscrypto.io scammed users?

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January 06, 2022
express crypto

Since December 24, 2021, Express Crypto (ExpressCrypto.io) was down and users were not able to access them. After 4 days of downtime, their administration has put the message on their website that “Hardware Failure” is the cause of the downtime and their main disks are corrupted, and they have sent their disks to the special recovery company but remain silent on “Are the funds secured” or not.

Current update 1/20/2022: ExpressCrypto will never return, updates about your funds: Read this

I wrote the main article here so please read it first https://emeatribune.com/is-express-crypto-gone-forever-after-scamming/

Has Express Crypto Scammed the users?


Not sure if that is the Express Crypto domain but that domain expresscrypto.com is for sale and for the past few days the company is not responding to the emails of users about the “surety of the funds”.

express crypto

The main domain expresscrypto.com is showing “Domain is for sale”


The users who have the funds in similar fishy websites such as faucets should withdraw their funds asap to secure wallets as none of them are trustable anymore now.


I will update the article if I see the new development, those who have been scammed by Express Crypto can write to me on Kamal @ emeatribune.com with whatever evidence they have, so I will be able to mention them in the article so the Law Enforcement Agencies will take action against them.

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