Iran’s Unprovoked Violation: A Breach of Pakistan’s Airspace Sovereignty

Iran's Unprovoked Violation: A Breach of Pakistan's Airspace Sovereignty

The recent unprovoked breach of Pakistan’s airspace by Iran is a grave assault on Pakistan’s sovereignty and unity. This act carries significant implications and could result in serious consequences. The intrusion led to the tragic loss of two innocent children’s lives and caused injuries to three young girls, contradicting Iran’s claim that the attack was aimed at a terrorist organization.Pakistan's airspace

The Iranian government, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), and Iranian intelligence must bear full responsibility for this assault. Despite the existence of various communication channels between the two nations, the operation was conducted in clear violation of international law, blatantly encroaching upon Pakistan’s airspace.

In an effort to justify this incident, a counterfeit press release was disseminated by an entity known as Jaish-ul-Adl. Upon witnessing Pakistan’s reaction, Iran acknowledged its erroneous and reckless actions. Jaish-ul-Adl, which is actually operated by the IRGC itself, subsequently issued another false statement asserting that the rockets had inadvertently crossed the border and that the intended target was a Jaish al-Adl camp within Sistan, Iran.

Pakistan's airspace

It is preposterous that a terrorist organization is providing explanations for rockets fired by the IRGC that mistakenly crossed the border. This clearly indicates that the accounts attributed to Jaish-ul-Adl are being managed by the IRGC and Iranian intelligence.

This incursion by Iran has sparked significant outrage in Pakistan. It is a known fact that the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) and the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) have established camps inside Iran, and it is worth noting that Kaloboshan Yadav had also been operating from Iran. Iran should not assume that Pakistan will overlook this incident.

Pakistan's airspace

In response to this act, the entire Pakistani nation is now demanding a robust and proportional response from the government. Pakistan retains the right to respond in any manner it deems necessary. The Foreign Office has summoned the Iranian Charge d’affaires and lodged a strong protest. The decision to prevent the Iranian ambassador from returning and recall the Pakistani ambassador from Iran showcases a resolute response from Pakistan.

Even prior to these incidents, there have been infiltrations and terrorist activities originating from Iranian territory. In January 2023, in the Panjgur District, four security personnel were martyred due to terrorist activities originating from within the Iranian border. Similarly, in April 2023, terrorists from Iranian territory attacked Pakistani forces in Kech.

Pakistan's airspace

It is important to recognize that Iran’s security agencies lack unity, which poses significant diplomatic challenges for the Iranian government. Following this incident, certain political factions have exploited social media for their own political gains and to defame the Pakistan Army. Indian accounts have also participated in this malicious campaign, aiding certain Pakistani political groups.

Pakistan's airspace

Pakistan will certainly not adopt the approach taken by Iraq and Syria in responding to such incidents. Instead, Pakistan will take all necessary measures to ensure its national security and integrity, reflecting the sentiments and emotions of the Pakistani nation. While Pakistan always prefers the principle of coexistence with its neighbors, it remains fully aware of its national security requirements and reserves the right to retaliate against Iran’s aggression.