Zulfiqar Memon the inspirational Irish Doctor and Model

Zulfiqar Memon the inspirational Irish Doctor and Model

You probably won’t have heard about Zulfiqar Memon, a model, fitness freak, and influencer. The nickname of Zulfiqar Memon is zulfi and on social media, he is known as zulfi Memon. Zulfi is a doctor by day and a fashion model by night. Zulfi is a consultant Anaesthetist in Ireland, an examiner by the college of anesthetist Ireland, and an honorary senior clinical lecturer by the Royal college of surgeons Ireland. He also had the grace of winning the consultant trainer award for the year 20/21 from the college of anesthetist Ireland. Zulfi is registered as a fashion model with Fraser. ie. Modeling has always been his passion so he decided to present himself as a model and social media influencer in Ireland.

Zulfi in other words is at the top of his game. He is a fitness freak who goes to the gym regularly to stay fit. According to him, nothing is impossible and age is only a number, once you make up your mind the body will follow your mind.
According to Zulfi, “the older I get, the more skilled I have become. The years fall away, and the joy I get from this game cannot be quantified”.

Zulfi Memon is also fond of traveling. Zulfi travels the world posting professional photos captured by him.
His age doesn’t have any impact on his physical activities. He is a motivational and inspirational personality to many Pakistanis and other nationalities to whom he is known.

For more, you can visit Zulfiqar Memon’s official website:

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