Niketa Patel of the Twitter News Partnerships team left the company

Niketa Patel Twitter News Partnerships

What will you feel if you hear that one of the best employees of your company has suddenly left the company? I woke up and saw a tweet of Niketa Patel where she announced that today is her last day at Twitter. Niketa Patel is working at Twitter since 2015 in the Twitter News Partnerships. She was a senior partnership solution manager for news, oversees News Partnerships in the US for Twitter. She manages strategic partnerships with newsrooms, journalists and collaborates on content integrations, products, tools, training.

Who is Niketa Patel of Twitter News partnerships?

People love news on Twitter, and anything that happens anywhere is reported first on Twitter. The news partnerships team collaborates with newsrooms and journalists and provides the atmosphere to bring the news to the audience on Twitter. Niketa has 17 years of experience in digital journalism, audience development, and product at CNN, ABC News, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, CBS News, Florida Times-Union, and more. Currently, she is a board member of the Online News Association, a nonprofit membership organization for digital journalists — connecting journalism, technology, and innovation.

Niketa Patel highlighted the importance of supporting local journalists. TWTR has introduced a few campaigns for supporting local journalists, such as #FollowLocalJournalists #TwitterForNews #TwitterForJournalists. TWTR aims to help local journalists by displaying ads for both physical and digital newspapers. She joined the company in Jun 2015, and at the time of writing this article, July 3, 2021, today is her last day at TWTR.


Niketa’s Tweets

She tweeted with a heavy heart that after six incredible years at TWTR, today will be my last day in the company.



She was emotional while writing, “I will miss everyone so much.”


She thanked all the newsrooms and journalists and said you are the “very essence” of TWTR



Niketa’s Colleagues Tweets






Niketa Patel’s journey on TWTR was so pleasant, sorry to see you go. We all wish you all the best for your future venture.

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