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Pakistan Dossier on Indian Terrorism, ISI, DG ISPR and FM has Exposed RAW

In Pakistan
November 14, 2020
Pakistan Dossier on Indian Terrorism, ISI, DG ISPR and FM has Exposed RAW

14 November 2020 Pakistan Dossier on Indian Terrorism: On Saturday Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Major General Babar Iftikhar, Director General, Public Relations, ISPR, Pakistan Army, held a joint news conference. They have both exposed Indian terrorism and RAW (Indian Intelligence Agency) and DIA (Defence Intelligence Agency) and shown solid evidence with audio calls and video proofs.

I will update the article as soon as I gather all the evidence from the dossier, if you want to watch the full press conference then please watch it below and please follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook


Pakistan Dossier on Indian Terrorism

I am presenting the evidence in the form of a dossier which has a lot of details. We have more details that can be used in time. The recent terrorist attacks in Peshawar and Quetta also reflect Indian planning.

Shah Qureshi also said that Indian intelligence agencies are backing banned organizations in Pakistan. The Foreign Minister said that Pakistan had defeated the banned TTP and others, arms and money were being provided by India to the banned organizations. Tried to combine, India plans to step up terrorist operations in November-December 2020. He said that terrorists are focusing on Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, and others. RAW and DIA are financing terrorism in Pakistan and Indian agencies are training the terrorists.

The DG ISPR said that Colonel Rajesh had four meetings with terrorist organizations at the Afghan embassy. In those meetings, terrorism was planned in Pakistan. Col. Rajesh is the mastermind at the Afghan embassy. He said he would provide a complete outline of India’s support for terrorism in Pakistan. The Indian embassy and consulate along the border are terrorist hideouts. There is credible evidence of terrorist financing. India transferred 8 0.82 million to TTP commanders, India created 700 terrorist forces, gave 60 60 million. BLF and BLA were involved in the Gwadar PC Hotel attack, RAW officer Anurag Singh planned the PC hotel attack, and Anurag Singh was given 0.5 0.5 million for the attack.

He said that the people present in the Indian Consulate carried out the attacks in Pakistan. Their names are Haji Habibullah, Haji Azizullah and Haji Bedar. RAW officials from Kabul financed terrorism in Pakistan.

An audiotape of Dr. Allah Nazar was also played at the press conference. The DG ISPR said that Dr. Allah Nazar was a source of contact between terrorists and India. Dr. Allah Nazar traveled to India on a fake Afghan passport.

  • Raw gave 23.5 million to spread chaos in Balochistan
  • The 3.23 million given to Altaf Hussain by an Indian agency from two Jewellers
  • 13 members of RAW sleepers cell arrested in Karachi
  • Mehmood Siddiqui operates the network from India while he was declared an absconder and is currently living in India, Two JIT’s formed
  • Weapons and Equipment Support by India to Terrorists, Abdul Wahid Indian Embassy Kabul and Abdul Qadir from Indian Consulate in Kandhar were exporting India’s suicide jackets, IEDs, and explosives to Pakistan Linkage with PSX attack
  • RAW payment to terrorists for terrorist attacks: for suicide Rs 10 million, for VBIED Rs 10 million, for IED Rs 1 Million, and target killing Rs 1 Million
  • The RAW paid $28,000 to the frontman (Pak Mil has a name), transferred through Punjab National Bank, Indira Gandhi Int Airport Bank in New Delhi.
  • Banned terrorist outfit Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch
  • RAW is involved in planting IEDs in Azad Kashmir (Pak Mil has shown the audio proof in Press Conference)
  • Malik Faridoon facilitated both the Army Public School attack and the AGRI University attacks.
  • RAW officer Anurag Singh was the mastermind of PC Hotel Gwadar
  • India is running 87 terrorist camps


Pakistani Agency ISI Collected and Gathered Evidence

aps school attack

RAW facilitated both attacks

funding by India

funding by India

Indian destablizing Gilgit Baltistan

India destabilizing Gilgit Baltistan


pakistan dossier on indian terrorism

Pakistan dossier on Indian terrorism


pakistan dossier on indian terrorism

Pakistan dossier on Indian terrorism


terrorist funding by RAW

Terrorist funding by RAW


dr allah nazar audio conversation with raw handler

Dr. Allah Nazar audio conversation with the raw handler


RAW Officer Anurag Singh

RAW Officer Anurag Singh

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