Preparation Tips for A Safe Archery Hunting

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Hunting with an archery bow may be a challenging and fascinating hobby that calls for patience, practice, and a solid understanding of the essential preparations. Although there’re no firearms involved in the activity, there’re some unique concerns that hunters should know to make their hunts successful, enjoyable, and safe. If you intend to go archery hunting this season, ensure you make a few preparations before entering the fields. Here’re some fundamental planning suggestions to consider:


Inspect your tools

If you own a compound bow, inspect the pulleys and cables. Check your bow to ensure laminations are not peeling or detaching and the strings are not tearing. Check that the spline—the arrow shaft’s rigidity—is compatible with your bow’s draw weight. This practice ensures that your arrow does not fly off target, break, or fracture when you release it, which happens if your bow’s draw weight exerts more power than the arrow can withstand.


Sharpening your broadhead arrows

Sharpening your broadhead arrows is a simple yet vital task that can make all the difference when preparing for successful archery hunting. The sharpness of the arrow is what makes able it able to penetrate the target’s hide with ease. If the arrow is blunt, it may not penetrate deep enough to kill the animal. Before sharpening, consider using a quality cleaning compound or alcohol to kill bacteria from your previous hunt. You may use an electric sharpener, sandpaper, or a stone sharpener.


Organize your gear

Compile a list of the equipment you may require for archery hunting, and arrange them to ensure that items used regularly are secure and easily accessible. You need a quality bow and arrows, a pull rope, a compass, a blade, and an Allen wrench in case something becomes loose in your bow. While you may store tools such as marking tape at the bottom of your backpack, ensure items such as your flashlight are easily accessible when hunting in low visibility environments. Other frequently used items such as the rangefinder, pull-up bar, and game calls should be accessible to avoid noises that can ward off the game.

Scout your hunting area

Scouting out your hunting area before you set out can help you identify a safe place to hunt, sites for setting up your stand, and know the restricted areas. You can do this by driving around your hunting area and looking for natural landmarks, such as trees or streams, that may be visible from a long distance. Scouting also familiarizes you with the hunting location to avoid getting lost or injured by dangerous cliffs, animals, or other hunters.


Obtain permission before hunting

Consider obtaining a hunting license from the authorities and check with your local law enforcement agency to ensure that you comply with local regulations. If you’re unsure whether hunting is legal on a particular property, call your local game warden or law enforcement officer and ask. You may also consider getting written or verbal permission from a private landowner if you plan to hunt on their property or use it to access public land. Additionally, if your kill crosses to private land, ensure your get permission to retrieve it, lest your get prosecuted.


Practice shooting

Another step to a successful archery hunting trip is to ensure you practice shooting your bow and arrows before going out into the woods. Practicing ensures you can easily hit the target without wasting arrows. Consider practicing with your hunting gear, such as a jacket, facemask, gloves, and hat, and make sure they fit correctly to prevent inconveniences during the actual hunt. You may also practice climbing and shooting from treetops if you intend to hunt from a tree stand.

Support Independent Journalism with a donation (Paypal, BTC, USDT, ETH)
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