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Saqib Butt –The Inspirational Story of Founder of PK Meat & Food company private limited

In Pakistan
May 13, 2022
Saqib Butt – The Inspirational Story of Founder of PK Meat & Frozen Food​
An inspirational founder story of the one and only Saqib Butt, also known as Saqib Mehmood Butt CEO of PK Meat &  Food Company Private Limited. As human beings, we, ourselves are always looking for fantasy in real life to trigger our thought processes and seek inspiration. Inspirational stories like these have a positive effect on our brains. It also helps us to become more passionate about pursuing our goals and see the bigger picture of life. Therefore, today we will talk about the founder story of Saqib Mehmood Butt. The story of a man who has worked extremely hard to turn his family business of exporting meat into a high-selling frozen food brand in Pakistan. Additionally, he has impacted the entire industry of Pakistan by creating the ONLY frozen food brand that sells products in beef, chicken, and mutton.

Saqib Butt Backstory:

Saqib Butt – The Inspirational Story of Founder of PK Meat & Frozen Food​
Born and raised in Islamabad. Saqib completed his graduation in the year 2011, in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing from Bahria University, Islamabad. His family business was to exporting the finest form of meat from Pakistan to other countries, since 1996. It was after his graduation that he joined the family business. But that wasn’t the whole plan. He extended the family business into value-added frozen food products in the market in Pakistan. Started from the bottom in 2011, and now PK Meat and Frozen Food are one of the leading
frozen food brands nationwide. All it really took was a vision and passion to do something bigger and better. The company is growing at a fast pace while marking its position in the industry. As stated by Saqib Butt;
It is purely due to the product quality and to some extent its flavourful taste, that
makes the customer come back for more and even buy again from just the privacy
of their smartphones

Saqib Butt – The Inspirational Story of Founder of PK Meat & Frozen Food​


A child’s first superhero is his father, the same goes for Saqib’s founder story. His true inspiration behind extending the family business and starting a whole new company was/is his father. As he is a self-made man, who started his own business in 1996 and created a great 
example for his children. He takes all of the best business advice from him. And consistently working hard to make the family name shine, and the businesses prosper.

Saqib Butt Achievements: 

Starting from no sales, Saqib has come a long way in his journey. It definitely wasn’t smooth sailing as the Pakistan market has many challenges for a business like his. From power shortage to expensive products. There were many ups and downs, failures and mistakes. But nothing 
stood in his way to becoming one of the leading frozen food brands in Pakistan. However, this isn’t it. The company is constantly thriving by expanding the business to other countries like UAE and launching new products. There is still a long way to go and we’re totally 
looking forward to it. 
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