Shad Rahay Pakistan

Shad Rahay Pakistan song released by ISPR for 23 March

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The Pakistan Army media wing ISPR has released the national song ‘Shad Rahay Pakistan‘ for the occasion of March 23 Pakistan Day. ‘Shad Rahay’ is a national song composed for March 23, 2022. This song is a prayer in the name of this holy land which is becoming the voice of the heart of every Pakistani declaring that it was happy, it is happy, and will always remain happy.

ispr shad rahay pakistan

Shad Rahay Pakistan:

The song can be watched on the official YouTube channel of ISPR.

This song is a manifestation of good wishes like a glorious past, determining the present and prosperous future. Leading Pakistani composer Shuja Haider has not only written this song but also composed its beautiful melody. Sung by Shuja and Yashal shahid.


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