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Story of Wiley Cortez an Entrepreneur & Confidence Coach

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March 19, 2022
Wiley Cortez Entrepreneur

Wiley Cortez has carved a niche for himself in the business industry, gradually overcoming all the hurdles on his path to success. He has been an entrepreneur from a young age when his peers had not even decided about their careers. Southern California is his birthplace, where he underwent life-changing struggles and groomed himself, keeping his focus clear and making himself into a confident coach. He is at such a level now that he helps his clients be their best selves with his personal experience of struggling and learning confidence for over a decade. Wiley is successfully climbing the ladder of success in his business, and each day is a learning experience for him. He possesses a beautiful family with his wife Rachael and daughter Sicilly, who is his strength.

Entrepreneur Wiley Cortez:

Wiley was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. The streets of Los Angeles, CA, where he had grown up, had cradled him. Life was challenging because he was surrounded by gang violence, drugs, and criminals, but he taught himself to know better. He could smartly make a way out, turning his darkness into light. As a result, he has earned a fortune for himself, making his turnover into millions.

There is a list of companies he has established and scaled heights with, strived to expand his business, and left no stone unturned to shine in the world of business—leading the underground plumbing and piping construction in Seattle, and being Co-Founder and Director of Sales at PRICOR Tech. In addition, he is the co-founder of GO Blue light company providing full-time home service, having a team of dedicated workers under his guidance. ‘Dominate Don’t Compete’ was also founded by Wiley in 2015. After stepping up to the position of CEO and proving his mettle yet again, he sold it later in 2020 with a clean exit.

‘Make Moves Not Statements’ is another brainchild of his, and he is the proud founder and CEO of the company.
Wiley has never looked back and believes only in going for1ward and more. He is also a philanthropist, making a substantial contribution to society by helping the less fortunate. In his life journey, the decision to move to Seattle served as a stepping stone, relieving him of a quite stressful life. He could then concentrate wholeheartedly on his business and help those who needed it the most. He is an iconic figure known for building confidence in youngsters from scratch and making them into exemplary models of success.

On the surface, his life looks to be smooth and easygoing. But he expanded his empire with relentless efforts, teamwork, organization, and management. Overcoming distractions in his world was particularly challenging, but he had his goals set clear. With patience and hard work, he paved his way to these accomplishments and started guiding others to help them do the same, learning from his experience. Wiley Cortez is not only a business person, but a role model to look up to and learn from, as much as you could.

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