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Twitter verification of Christopher Rufo has been disappeared

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Christopher Rufo verification has gone: This is not the first time that Twitter is revoking verification from legit accounts but is verifying lots of fake handles. Twitter has paused the verification but still, as of now Twitter has verified lots of ineligible accounts mainly from Pakistan, India, and other countries that are not eligible, having one article written in nonnotable blogs but they are verified. American activist and the director of several documentary films Christopher Rufo has tweeted on September 9 that he received an email from Twitter in which Twitter told him that “After a recent review, we have determined that your Twitter account was incorrectly verified, it means we are removing your blue badge from your account.”

Christopher Rufo



In my previous articles, Link here & Link here I have pointed out mistakes to Twitter that the company has verified lots of fake accounts. After writing the articles, Twitter has revoked the verification from many accounts but 100’s are still active & Tweeting.


Twitter is yet to reply to the comment which I asked for how Christopher Rufo verification was revoked, and when will Twitter actually remove the badges from fake accounts that I have sent to them. I will update the article once the Twitter team response comes.

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