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Archana Prajapati Biography of Bollywood actress & Model

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May 06, 2022
Biography of Archana Prajapati Bollywood actress & Model

India: Archana Prajapati is an Indian film actress and a sizzling model. She started her career in the Bollywood industry in 2016 and debuted in Bhojpuri cinema in 2017 with the film Ziddi. Recently she appeared in the Indian Music video “Ishq Musafir”. This is an exclusive article (Interview/Biography/Questions) with the actress Archana. Archana is a hot, and beautiful actress with dazzling looks. She naturally looks ravishing with the charm and beauty on her grateful face. Her body is made for modeling and no one can deny it. At first, I saw Archana’s video on Instagram, I was amazed to see her beauty, the innocence on her face with some naughtiness can make anyone fall in love with her.

Biography of Archana Prajapati Bollywood actress & Model

Who is Archana Prajapati?

She was born in 1996 in Mumbai, Maharashtra India, and did her schooling at Mumbai’s RA Poddar school and KES college. She graduated from Mumbai University. As a student of BBI, she was prepping for CA exams, at that time she was attracted to the movies. Archana always had this hobby since her childhood, watching TV and dancing in school, and college, playing various character shades in drama and watching all the actors. Her father is a contractor in Bombay painting polish and he is also a singer, he mostly sings at temples or during devotional gatherings. Her father is an inspiration to her, she told EMEA TRIBUNE exclusively.

Biography of Archana Prajapati Bollywood actress & Model

At first, her family was not that supportive of her getting into the industry. Being from a middle-class family all they wanted was for her to get married and start her own family, Archana’s struggle began from there itself in a way. She also used to go from her college, bunk a few lectures, and give auditions and hope for work.  Archana never ever utter a single word about acting to them, but once she got her first break she told her parents about this, hearing that they were so proud of her that she accomplished this feat without any help or support from others and that too coming from a non-family background in the movie industry.

Archana’s roots in her family gave her freedom which she always appreciates and hence she doesn’t wanna break their trust. Archana has always avoided exposing herself in front of the camera, she has kept that as her mantra and always followed the line of “Trust and Rules.” Archana has lost up to 20 films just because She had a strong belief and never ever regretted it till date.  Apart from movies ad serials and music videos she love doing theatre, that is Archana’s biggest passion. The thrill of going on stage and performing in front of a live audience is one of her favorite things in the world. She just can’t get enough of enjoyment satisfaction thrill excitement, and for her, It is truly and utterly awesome.

Her future looks quite bright, touch wood. She currently has 3 films out of which 1 will be released next month. She did many regional movies in the past. The experience working with them was amazing. She cherishes each and every film that She was a part of. Now she has opted to work only in Hindi films, It’s her personal choice. Maybe one day I will do a movie if the script excites me, but not now or in the near future says Archana Prajapati.

Covid -19, the first wave of covid-19 affected her both personally and professionally she got covid whilst sitting at home, isolated like everyone else, at first she started having body pain, fever, and headache, and later on, it was so very difficult for her to stand up.  The doctor asked her to self isolate herself for 15 days and prescribed hard mg medicine which affected her skin as she had pimples on her face, being an actor your face is your pride and beauty, your bread. Those were difficult dark and really very expensive (medical bills and treatment-related on pimples which cost her over a lakh) But she managed to get it done and started to get the projected “Ishq Musafir” which is going to be released on May 8, 2022, worldwide.

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Archana Prajapati

Biography of Archana Prajapati Bollywood actress & Model

Biography of Archana Prajapati Bollywood actress & Model



Biography of Archana Prajapati Bollywood actress & Model

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