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Instagram announced new feature “Support Social Movements”

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instagram support social movements

USA: Instagram tests a new feature “Support Social Movements” to help users find and discover social causes through hashtags. In a blogpost by the giant it was announced on March 28, 2022, that;

We’re testing a new feature to help people discover social movements happening in the world and on Instagram, as well as ways to take action.

The giant is rolling out some hashtags that are focused on popular and long-standing movements such as #BlackLivesMatter, #Womensrights, and #ClimateCrisis. It will be easier now to raise awareness of these causes by sharing the hashtag page via direct message or by creating a fundraiser for the cause.



Instagram is consulted with a number of organizations, including the GLAAD, NAACP, Advancing Justice – AAJC, Hispanic Heritage Foundation, Othering and Belonging Institute, and IllumiNative to select the initial list of hashtags.


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