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Meesha Shafi victory is almost near against Ali Zafar

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January 20, 2022
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Meesha Shafi is a singer, model, actress, and victim of harassment has finally gotten some relief from the Lahore High Court after fighting for four years. On 19 January 2022, LHC has granted Mesha Shafi’s petition against the restraining order on a defamation suit of Rs 2 billion against Ali Zafar. Advocate Saqib Jilani completed the arguments on behalf of Mesha Shafi. Justice Asim Hafeez of Lahore High Court delivered the verdict on the application of Mesha Shafi.

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Meesha Shafi Case:

You can not win the fight until you get the best legal team like Advocate Saqib Jillani and Nighat Dad, they were both the lawyers and members of the legal team of Meesha Shafi in the case. Nighat’s received lots of harassment messages and faced scary attacks for supporting Shafi, but she didn’t move an inch and stood with her, and that’s how Meesha got victory over Ali Zafar.


Nighat in left, Meesha in centre, Saqib in right

Nighat in left, Shafi in the center, Saqib in right (Pic taken from Meesha’s Twitter handle)

Meesha tweeted “It was an incredibly difficult 4 years, it took us that much time”. She thanked Saba Hamid, Hina Jillani, Leena Ghani, Advocate Saqib Jillani, Night Dad, and others. Meesha has called Nighat a “Brave lawyer who is fighting this hard, and long battle without any fear”.



What happened earlier?


  • In April 2018, Shafi had accused Ali Zafar on Twitter that he had physically harassed him on more than one occasion
  • Ali Zafar filed a defamation case against Meesha for Rs 1 Billion
  • In 2019, Meesha recorded her statement
  • Shafi contacted FIA against cyberbullying and harassment
  • In 2021 Fake news was circulated in media that Meesha faces 3 years in jailĀ 
  • In 2022 Meesha rejects reports of conciliation over defamation suit
  • In January 2022, LHC has ruled in favor of Meesha and allowed her defamation case against Ali to proceed
  • Ā The trial court is supposed to hear both defamation suits simultaneously.



The article will be updated as soon as the new development comes in this case, in the meantime read this article and watch the “Awareness film on Cyber Crime”Ā https://emeatribune.com/cyber-awareness-film-for-nr3c-fia-cyber-crime-wing-by-dj-kamal-mustafa/


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