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Cyber Awareness Film for NR3C FIA Cyber Crime Wing by DJ Kamal Mustafa

In Pakistan
December 23, 2021
fia cyber crime wing

FIA Cyber Crime Wing animated film on Cyber Awareness has been released by DJ Kamal Mustafa, a project for Cyber Crime Wing Islamabad NR3C.GOV.PK (National Response Center For Cyber Crime).


Watch the full film on YouTube and check the official stills and story on www.DJKamalMustafa.com


FIA Cyber Crime Wing: Cyber Awareness Film Story

The film is animated, produced, directed, voiced, and story by DJ Kamal Mustafa. This film has various scenes/story but first, it starts with a bad actor who went to ATM and installed the skimmer device, after installing the device he left the ATM. The next day a man came to withdraw the money and he realized that some spy device was installed in the ATM and a spy camera. He was shocked. this film scene is made to tell people how you can protect yourself when you go to an ATM.


The second scene shows a man finding a girl on social media, who started liking his posts and comments, and the girl was afraid and worried about who the person was. She later received a message from that man who started to say that “you are beautiful, can you be friends with me.. I am your university friend” the girl was harassed somehow, later that person asked her for an inappropriate picture. this scene is made so females don’t send their personal photos and videos to unknown or known people on social media, otherwise, they may blackmail you.


A third scene shows a person booking a cab and leaving his phone deliberately when the cab driver found the phone and went to sell it to the mobile shop instead of giving it to the police. Later police found that the mobile which the cab driver went to sell was used in illegal activity and later the cab driver was arrested. this film scene shows when you received any device or electronic item rather than submitting it to the local police instead of selling it.


The fourth scene shows the headquarters of the NR3C Wing FIA where the director and law enforcement officials are discussing how to prevent cyber attacks and protect the citizen.


The fifth scene shows an operational room where officers and cyber experts are constantly working on complaints, securing cyberspace, and providing Awareness.


If you need assistance or if you are a victim of Cyber Criminal then visit www.nr3c.gov.pk

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