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Blast in Lahore Anarkali Bazar leaves many injured, death feared

In Pakistan
January 20, 2022
Blast in Lahore Anarkali Bazar

Pakistan: 2:57 PM news is coming from Pakistan’s Lahore where a Blast in Lahore occurred in Anarkali Bazar. As per the sources, it’s not a cylinder blast but looks like an IED blast as per the media.

blast in lahore today

Blast in Lahore Update:


  • The terrorist was connected with his handler, 2-3 people were involved, details were sent to NADRA
  • LEA’s has identified suspects using the help of CCTV footage, sketches prepared
  • The alleged terrorist has been identified, Intelligence agencies and police are investigating
  • According to Dr. Khali of Meo hospital, 2 people have died, 28 are injured
  • 5 people are critical, while 4 are in ICU
  • Prime Minister Imran Khan strongly condemns Anarkali blast
  • A person probably the attacker parked his motorcycle outside Bank Al Habib & walked away
  • A banned Baloch terrorist militant organization has claimed the responsibility of attack on social media
  • 9-year-old boy succumbs to his injuries
  • As per the MEO Hospital, 4-6 people are critically injured, and 28 people were brought to the hospital
  • DIG Operations Police confirmed that it was an IED attack via planted device
  • Two motorcycles are seized by CTD, as per them “It could be the same motorcycles in which the explosive materials were hidden”
  • Counter-Terrorism Department forensic team reached, seized some motorcycles from the spot
  • Rescue sources confirming 3 death and 10 are critically injured
  • The blast occurred in motorcycle
  • 2 people have died & 8 are critically injured
  • More than 23 people are injured
  • Ball bearings found
  • Looks like a blast from time device
  • Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar’s takes notice of the blast incident in Anarkali


This is a developing story, the article will be updated as the new updates come. Meanwhile, read this story


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