pubg game to be banned in pakistan

Petition filed in Lahore High Court to ban PUBG game

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Lahore: The petition has been filed in the Lahore High Court for banning the PUBG game. A citizen has submitted the petition in which the federal government, PTA, and others have been made “Parties”.


PUBG Game:


This is not the first time in Pakistan that this game will face a ban, the game was banned a few times earlier. but this time the game led the 14-year-old boy to become a murderer. In Lahore, the boy killed his mother, sisters, and brother just because they were arguing with him not to play PUBG too much.

The citizen in the petition has said that;

There have been many deaths recorded in Pakistan due to the negative effects of the PubG game, a boy killed his mother and siblings in Lahore, the use of PubG endangers the mental health and life of the young generation.

The petitioner said that there is no law to regulate online games in Pakistan whereas regular laws have been framed in India to regulate online games therefore the high court should order an immediate ban on this game.


Yesterday Punjab Police on Twitter has posted “We have decided to recommend to the federal government to ban the game after we have seen so many murder cases in Punjab”.


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