PM Imran Khan video documentary released ahead of 27 March Jalsa

27 March Jalsa: PM Imran Khan video documentary released

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Pakistan: PM Imran Khan on Thursday invited the nation to attend the 27 March Jalsa. The Jalsa is against those who have looted the money and ruled Pakistan for the last 30 years. On this occasion, Pakistani Filmmaker DJ Kamal Mustafa has released a video documentary on PM Imran Khan’s initiatives.


PM Imran Khan 27 March Jalsa:


In this short video people will see the initiatives of the government of Pakistan and Imran Khan on how PM has spoken on Islamophobia, Ehsaas Program launched, Kamyab Jawan Program launched, and other initiatives and work can be seen in this video. This short video can be seen on social media and on digital platforms.



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