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Prey NetFlix Survival Movie Exclusive Review, Should you watch?

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December 17, 2021
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EMEA TRIBUNE exclusive review of Prey NetFlix survival movie: Suppose you are in the forest with your friends, and someone comes to hunt you down and your friends and you have very little chance of escaping, then how will you survive? Netflix has released another movie for those who love survival thriller films, and this time NetFlix released Prey, A German survival, horror, and thriller movie. So should you watch this? Should you devote your time to this film, and will this film live up to your expectations? Ok, let’s find out without a spoiler. 

‘Prey’ streamed first on September 10, 2021, on Netflix. The original language of the film is German with English subtitles. Prey is a German thriller movie that is 87 minutes long, which is quite a decent time to entertain you; the movie is neither short nor long. The film is directed & written by Thomas Sieben and produced by the Senator Film Produktion.

Prey NetFlix Story:

The story revolves around seven characters: Roman (David Kross), Albert (Hanno Koffler), Peter (Robert Finster), Vincent (Yung Ngo), Stefan (Klaus Steinbacher), Lisa (Livia Matthes), and Eva (Maria Ehrich). Robert planned with his brother Albert and their friends Vincent, Peter, and Stephan to go on a hiking trip into the wild to spend his bachelor party. Robert and his friends did not know that a storm of troubles and problems awaited them. When they went on the trip, they heard some gunshots friends thought it was because of some hunter, so they ignored it. A short time later, they heard a second gunshot, and this time the bullets hit one of them. One of them was seriously wounded and bleeding. It took them a few seconds to realize that they have been fallen prey to a dangerous shooter. They were all stuck in the woods, had no ways to leave, no vehicles, no sign of escape, their phones had no signals, and when they went to use the park phone to contact the police, they found that the guard (who was at the duty) murdered before they reached. Now they are desperate and lost in the woods.

Will they survive in the woods? How will they face the shooter? What happened with the injured one? If you want to know the answer, then you need to watch the movie.

Prey NetFlix Review:

In the film, you will never understand the five people, a time comes when they agree with each other, but the next moment they change their minds, they talk with each other like strangers, and that will make you think again and again as the situations change that Are they friends or not? The story is interesting, and you can watch it with the family too, but there are few adult scenes. The slow start of the film will make you a little bit disappointed. When you see them in the woods, that will change your mind, and you will stick with the movie until the survival scene ends. The script is not influential as it should be for any survival movie. Continuous flashbacks made this film slightly longer; otherwise, the movie’s length could have been no more than 70 to 75 minutes rather than 87 minutes. 

The movie is well-edited and has some fascinating shots. The atmospheric jungle, mountain, landscape, cave, and water scene will take you to that place just like you are there for survival. The soundtrack is as mind-blowing as the atmospheric scene, and it is precise and striking. Despite having a slow start, the suspense in the film will at least force you to think about what will happen next, And that will make your interest to watch it completely. The acting of all the actors looks natural and realistic, especially in the survival scene. Some beautiful moments in the film, and the chemistry of Robert and Lisa, will give you enough time to judge the movie. The audience and their reviews are always the backbones of any film, and as per the audience reaction, the movie big time failed to surprise them and didn’t go well.


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