PTI first Jalsa at Mianwali before "Ghulami Na Manzoor" March

PTI first Jalsa at Mianwali before “Ghulami Na Manzoor” March

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Mianwali: This is the first Jalsa of PTI at Mianwali before “Ghulami Na Manzoor” March. Imran Khan reached the Jalsa Gah and is currently speaking with the huge public. The PTI Jalsa’s will be daily from today till May 20, 2022. Khan will call the public for the march after 20th May.


PTI Mianwali Jalsa

  • I will give the date of Islamabad Long March to the whole nation after May 20. The whole nation will become a part of this real freedom movement and reached Islamabad, Chairman Imran Khan
  • Mianwali, I’ll never forget you. You gave me the possibility to seat in National Assembly, today I’m starting my movement from my city!
  • Today I see the sea of people in Mianwali and thank Allah that he has awakened my people. He has made my people understand the meaning of La Ilaha Illah Allah
  • We are a free nation, we will never recognize the government of these thieves because the imported government is unacceptable
  • You’re a beggar Shahbaz Sharif this country isn’t! We are a proud and independent nation
  • The murderer Rana Sanaullah cannot stop you
  • We are not slaves, We only bow to Allah
  • In 26 years, I have never seen such a big rally in Mianwali in the last year of politics, now the nation is preparing
  • If any of our workers are harmed then their handlers along with 3 stooges will also be responsible
  • I tell Cherry Blossom that the whole nation is coming to Islamabad to protest peacefully but if you keep a series of false FIRs and arrests then you will be responsible
  • Allah did not allow you to be neutral
  • Those who have sold their souls for money, have to be taught such a lesson that they are afraid to sell their conscience
  • I want everyone to come to Islamabad and give a message to this Boot Polisher and say there that Ghulami Manzoor!! We want Elections
  • If few Mianwali people can’t go to Islamabad then protest here when I will sit in Islamabad

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