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PTI Jalsa at Faisalabad before “Ghulami Na Manzoor” March

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May 15, 2022
PTI Jalsa at Faisalabad before “Ghulami Na Manzoor” March

Faisalabad: This is the 7th PTI Jalsa before “Ghulami Na Manzoor” March. The Faisalabad Jalsa preparation is almost completed and the chairman of PTI Imran Khan is about to be reached at the Jalsa venue. Another record crowd in the Faisalabad ground was witnessed by the masses. Faisal Javed is speaking to the people at the moment at 7:00 PM. Even before Imran Khan’s arrival, Faisalabad’s Dhobi Ghat was in full swing slogans of Imported Government Na Manzoor that were raised by the public.


PTI Jalsa at Faisalabad Speech: Ghulami Na Manzoor

  1. Rana Sanaullah has committed 22 murders in the interview in which Chaudhry Sher Ali said that I notify the Army Chief, DG ISI, and IG, Sheikh Rashid
  2. Imran Khan has reached Faisalabad and will be speaking in the Jalsa Gaah soon
  3. Faisalabad has given its verdict today, there is no doubt left that the people of Pakistan have stood up for their rights, and Haqeeqi Azadi
  4. Man makes a plan and my God makes a plan. Surely my God is the best of planners.
  5. Faisalabad has made history today, People are also standing on the roofs of houses outside the ground
  6. These people who are now sitting up, tell me, is the country going in the right direction? Imran Khan
  7. Supreme Court should take suo moto action to find out how Dr. Rizwan suffered a heart attack: Imran Khan
  8. My Pakistanis, you should never vote for a party whose leader has assets outside the country because that leader will not be able to defend your rights and will continue to be blackmailed: Imran Khan
  9. People have to go with me to Islamabad to liberate the country: Khan
  10. Earlier governments used to distribute sweets when they came to power but now they saw people are in the streets when our government left: Imran Khan
  11. Promise me you will never be enslaved by anyone: Imran Khan
  12. Pakistanis! Don’t worry if something happens to me, but fight for justice for me and for yourself: Imran Khan
  13. Bilawal is going to America for help and will say that if you don’t give money then Imran Khan will come: Khan
  14. Remember the Americans will be the first to put a leash around your neck and hand it over to India: Khan
  15. America will say don’t buy wheat and oil from Russia because you are our slave: Imran Khan
  16. We will not sit and relax until the election date is announced
  17. On May 20, I’ll give you a date, get ready now to come to Islamabad



(This is a developing story and will be updated shortly as the new development comes)

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