Bloodbath at Pakistan Stock Exchange, dropped by 1000 PTS

Bloodbath at Pakistan Stock Exchange, dropped by 1000 PTS

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Pakistan: Karachi: Bloodbath continue again in the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) dropped by more than 1,000 points again after opening on Monday. The imported government has failed to control the economic crisis and the imported prime minister is still sitting in London.

At the beginning of the trading week, the beginning of the day saw a decline and the 100 Index fell 1061 points to trade at 42424 on Pakistan Stock Exchange. On the other hand, the dollar continues to soar and the dollar has risen by another 47 paise to Rs 193 in the interbank market. The economic situation is getting worst day by day and the imported government ministers are busy defaming the previous government without reason.

Since the imported government came, the economy of Pakistan getting worst day by day, and it is very close to collapsing. Pakistan may default as the current situation is not good. Bloodbath at PSX is a responsibility of Miftah Ismail.

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