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Aamir Liaquat Hussain exposed after Dania Shah controversy

In Pakistan
May 15, 2022
Aamir Liaquat Hussain exposed after Dania Shah controversy

Pakistan: Aamir Liaquat Hussain is getting exposed day by day either by himself or the general audience. After the controversy in which Dania Shah alleges that Aamir Liaquat used to beat her and use ice and drugs, here EMEA TRIBUNE exclusively asks a few questions to Aamir and also lets the public know how this “Double Standard” character has ruined the life of a first wife, second wife and now Dania Shah.


Aamir Liaquat Hussain Exposed

In a recent video, he uploaded on social media saying that why doesn’t FIA Cyber Crime arrest Dania Shah for leaking his videos, and why the Wing is not arresting other people on social media that are sharing his videos. EMEA TRIBUNE wants to explain to Aamir that, FIA Cyber Crime would have arrested you first, I asked the FIA why you guys didn’t nab that guy Aamir who used to defame Imran Khan and vows to kill him in one of his Tweets.  Aamir has sold his soul for money and that was confirmed through the various sources too, that guy Aamir is a dual character, wherever he goes, he betrays everyone. He joined many political parties in the past, when he gets no seats or attention (he is an attention seeker) he used to defame that party and expose them on social media with lies and lies.

He was in PTI earlier, everything was good but later he tried to join another party. In various tweets, Aamir Liaquat used to defame Imran Khan alleging that “Your videos will be leaked” As everyone knows that Maryam Nawaz was using deep fake technology against Imran Khan but later she got exposed, and she changed her plan. Aamir Liaquat would have been arrested earlier for violating the Cyber Crime rules, i.e defaming someone on social media without any proof. It was Aamir’s luck that PTI didn’t take legal action against him else he would have been behind the bars for using social media for targeting the person. Aamir was enjoying the atmosphere that was created by the PDM, he thought everything is now ok so he can do whatever he wants. As it’s a proverb that says;

As you sow so shall you reap!

Aamir’s own personal room video was leaked by Dania as per him, this is called Karma. He is a character person who betrayed her first wife Bushra then Tuba and now Dania. This man is still finding two more girls in which he claims on social media that he is getting proposals from a few ladies. 2 years ago, his private chat was leaked by a girl on social media and Aamir used to chat with the girl inappropriately. He not only backstabbed Imran Khan but all his wives, Aamir is no doubt a drug addict. In a video shared by Dania, Aamir was using taking ice drugs and in the video, some wine bottles were seen too. This man calls himself an Islamic scholar which is a blatant lie. A scholar never takes drugs or alcohol. This man used the “Islam Card” for fame only, he knows nothing about Islam. Many TV channels told Aamir that “We can not invite you to TV shows and won’t allow you to host Ramadan Transmission either.”


Aamir Liaquat in a recent video said that he is going to leave Pakistan forever because he is disheartened after all his marriages were broken. Aamir won the election in 2018 since then he visited 2 or 3 times in his constituency and all the time he either went on a honeymoon or was busy in a third marriage. No one knows how many marriages have Aamir done from behind the doors but this man has lost not only his credibility but also becomes a morally corrupt politician that should not be contesting any election.
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