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Renee Gracie former car racer joined adult industry, made $90k in a month

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June 12, 2020
Renee Gracie Adult

Renee Gracie News: Renee Gracie is a former supercar racer from Australia who recently announced she was joining the Adult Film Industry due to financial problems. Renee told EMEA TRIBUNE about joining the adult industry, saying she had “no money in racing but more money in the adult industry.”

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Renee Gracie News Update on 06/07/2020

Renee is not happy with the Indian Audience, but she said she will block the Indian audience. It all started with “making fake pages,” the Indian Audience created a few fake pages and Instagram accounts in the name of Renee and uploading copyrighted pictures of Renee which she didn’t like, Renee further said,

These images and videos are copyrighted and I own them, not you. Stop making pages of me and stop sharing my videos and images illegally. I don’t like Indians now. If you’re Indian, get off my page now, You are not welcome here anymore. I will be removing all India’s from my page tonight


Renee Gracie in the Adult Industry 

Renee Gracie is 25 years old and was a racing prodigy in V8 Supercars. When she moved to Super2 in 2015, she is now earning 90000$ per month but how? And what did she say? 

During an exclusive interview with The Daily Telegraph, Gracie revealed she walked away from the sport without earning a cent, and after working in a car yard she decided to cash in on her good looks by joining an adult subscription website. Gracie became the first Aussie woman to compete full-time in the sport and was popular around the track.

Renee is making money by selling her photographs through a subscription website, and she announced this on Instagram.



 A statement released by Supercars on Gracie “further distancing the sport from Gracie.”

“Supercars is aware of an article regarding former Super2 driver Renee Gracie,’’ a spokesman said.

“As Ms. Gracie is no longer competing in Super2, Supercars will not be commenting further.”

Gracie said, “In my first six days I made 24,000 US dollars and that is when I realized I could do something with this.”






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