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Tareq Abdesselem Impact on Kazakhstan’s Olympic Team

Tareq Abdesselem Impact on Kazakhstan's Olympic Team

Tareq Abdesselem is the head national coach in the sport of karate, working for Team Kazakhstan under the NOC, since 2017. As a head coach, he is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to help the Kazakhstani karate team to achieve success at major international competitions, including Olympic Games. He is the Head National Coach of Team Kazakhstan for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Games, in Japan. He is also a former Thailand and Indonesia national head coach, and a former Athlete of the French national team.


The Tareq Abdesselem Career:

Abdesselem has extensive experience in the sport of karate, both as an athlete and as a coach. He has represented the country at the international level and has also coached athletes from various countries, including Kazakhstan. Abdesselem’s expertise in the field of high-performance sports has made him a valuable asset to the National Olympic Committee of Kazakhstan, as the organization seeks to develop and support world-class athletes in a variety of sports, including karate. Tareq Abdesselem, a Frenchman, has been coaching the Kazakh karate team since 2017. His coaching has been instrumental in helping Kazakh athletes win two bronze medals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Darkhan Asadilov and Sofya Berultseva are the two Kazakh athletes who secured these bronze medals. Abdesselem’s expertise and guidance have proved invaluable in the success of the Kazakh karate team.


Tareq Abdesselem has been appointed as the Technical Director responsible for selecting the USA Grassroots world champion athletes and coaches for the USA Grassroots Karate Camp instruction team. In this role, Abdesselem was responsible for choosing the most talented and skilled athletes, such as Trinity Allen and Joan’s Orbon. And also coaches, to train and instruct at the Grassroots Karate Camp. With his extensive experience in coaching karate and producing successful athletes, Abdesselem is a valuable addition to the USA Grassroots team. His expertise will be crucial in identifying the right individuals who can effectively mentor and guide the next generation of karate practitioners in California and the U.S.A.

Tareq Abdesselem, who served as the head coach of the Thailand Karate team, led them to win two gold medals at the SEA Games in 2014. This was a historic moment for Thailand as it marked the first time they had won a gold medal in the men’s team event since the establishment of the Thailand Karate Federation 28 years ago. Abdesselem’s coaching played a significant role in the success of the Thai karate-do team, and his leadership skills proved to be instrumental in helping the team achieve this milestone.

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