Twitter will remove misinformation tweets in crisis

Twitter will remove misinformation tweets in crisis

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USA: Twitter is a giant social media platform who have announced a new policy on ‘Misinformation’ that may lead to disappearing tweets. Beware, the day is not far when Twitter, war, or global epidemic will automatically disappear tweets based on misinformation and despite millions of tweets, they will not be able to catch the eye of others.


In addition, tweets that spread false information, and posts based on rumors will also be strongly discouraged. Twitter also officially announced this on Thursday. Yoel head of safety at Twitter said moderation was not about which tweets should be left out and which ones should be deleted. Rather, we have considered a number of reactions to the misinformation, which will depend on the harmful effects of the information.

Incidents that will be monitored under the new policy, in particular, may include inaccurate and misleading reporting, baseless allegations, use of weapons and force, and misinformation about oppression.

According to Twitter, in crisis and uncertainty, rumors and misinformation spread rapidly and people believe them. Even these simple verifications become difficult. That is why action will be taken on misinformation and rumors.


For harmful misleading claims that have been debunked by multiple authoritative sources, we’ll prioritize placing them behind a prominent warning message, Yoel Roth

We’re focused on ensuring people have access to credible information when it matters most. Today, we’re introducing a new Crisis Misinformation Policy to help protect the conversation on Twitter, starting with a focus on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Yoel Roth

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