Black Lives Matter Rally & Protest Update Justice for George Floyd

black lives matter rally

Black Lives Matter Rally planned on Saturday afternoon in downtown Appleton to protest the death of George Floyd Justice for George Floyd.

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Protestors will gather on Saturday, May 30, 2020, in downtown Appleton for a Black Lives Matter march, it will begin at 2 PM he Dollar General on West College Avenue and North Badger Avenue. Cassandra Ross is an organizer of this march. Ross said “we want justice, we want freedom, we are tired.” the rally and protest will be held worldwide.

Another Rally will be held on Saturday at 2 PM in Marion Square in downtown Charleston.

Black Lives Matter Rally & Protest Update:


Update June 08, 2020

  • The family of George Floyd has appealed to the United Nation to intervene in Floyd’s murder case
  • Warning issued to the demonstrators in Seattle by police
  • Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling backs anti-racism protests
  • From Paris to Barcelona protests erupted in European cities
  • Joe Biden to meet George Floyd Family



Update June 04, 2020

  • An arrest warrant has been issued for the three other officers
  • Thomas Lane, Tou Thao, and J. Alexander Kueng have been charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.
  • Derek Chauvin had initially faced charges of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter
  • Floyd tested positive for COVID-19 Autopsy report says
  • Black BMW attempted to drive through protesters blocking an intersection in Cincinnati
  • Curfew Imposed in New York City
  • Protestors arrested in NY




May 30, 2020 Update

  • Protests erupt in cities across the United States over the killing of George Floyd an African American unarmed black man.
  • The Minnesota National Guard has arrived in Minneapolis and surrounding areas.
  • Curfew imposed in Minneapolis.
  • One dead after shots were fired at protestors in Detroit, a 19 years old man has died after shots were fired from a crowd.
  • Army on alert US Secret Service ordered the White House to be locked down for about an hour.
  • Protestors gather at the Oak Park Market
  • Protesters block the intersection of 12th Avenue and 33rd Street
  • 70 protestors arrested in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles.

Angry protestors set fire to several buildings including a police station, Police fired shells to disperse the protesters. CNN team were arrested by the Police but after the pressure from the journalists, the police later released them (CNN was showing live protestors rally). American journalist Christine Amanpour said that journalists are arrested in a dictatorship, we live in a democratic country.

Black Lives Matter Rally & Protest Coverage on Justice for George Floyd:

black lives matter rally and protest
black lives matter rally and protest



Reaction from Twitteraties:



Tweets on Black Lives Matter


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