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Dania Malik wife of Aamir Liaquat is in trouble now

In Pakistan
June 18, 2022
Dania Malik wife of Aamir Liaquat is in trouble now

KARACHI: The social organization has filed a petition against Dania Malik, the third wife of Dr. Aamir Liaquat. It was requested that the court order the FIA ​​to take action against Dania Malik.

According to details, the social organization filed a petition against Aamir Liaquat’s third wife Dania Malik in the Karachi District Sessions Court South court. In the petition, FIA Cybercrime, and Dania Malik mentioned, the petition said that the court should order the FIA ​​to take action against Dania Shah.

Advocate Amir Jamil told the court that Dania had leaked the personal bedroom videos of Aamir Liaquat that were inappropriate and she viral on social media now  FIA should take action against Dania.

The petitioner said that Dania has insulted the dignity of Pakistani women all over the world, because of Dania’s action Pakistani women bowed their heads in shame. The petition states that Dania should be punished for making her husband’s obscene videos viral over a minor dispute.

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