Imran Khan breaks Twitter Space record with 165k listeners

Imran Khan Twitter Space record breaks with 165k listeners

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Pakistan: Ex-Prime Minister and the chairman of Pakistan’s largest political party PTI, Imran Khan today broke the record of the Twitter Space with 165k listeners and a total of 1 Million people were tuned in. Space was started at 10:00 PM PST and in a few minutes, the record was broken with one of the biggest listeners in the history of Twitter. PTI’s social media lead Jibran Ilyas and the former focal person of PTI chairman Mr. Arsalan Khalid hosted the session. People can also listen to the recording of the Space by following the official tweet.


Imran Khan Twitter Space

Earlier than today, this record was with K-POP with 44k listeners and Salvador with 27k listeners. He was was also live on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram at the same time. It was a historic Space session with Khan hosted by PTI ever, this was the first time when he came live on Twitter space, the earlier record of PTI was 57k. On their official Facebook page and Instagram account Imran Khan total of 600k+ 223k+ watching, 330k on Facebook PTI official page, and Instagram.


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