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Internet service still disturbed in Pakistan, Transworld TW1

In Pakistan
February 23, 2022
Internet service still disturbed in Pakistan, Transworld TW1 (Updates)

Pakistan: On Monday at around 6:00 P.M I got the message from Transworld about the service degradation issue and the expected time was given to me of 24 to 48 hours. As per the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), a major fault in the submarine cable system slowed the internet in Pakistan. The fault started at 6 pm on Monday and currently at the time of writing this article 1:30 pm Wednesday problem is still there.

“The fault caused an outage of international bandwidth and may result in degradation of internet services for the users of the TransWorld bandwidth,” the PTA said. PTA is arranging ad hoc bandwidth for the affected customers, PTA said that the loss of the bandwidth was a major issue. The cable of TransWorld TW-1 was cut 40-kilometer off the Karachi coast under the sea. They have not said exactly the reason behind this damage. As per Transworld, our second undersea cable SEAMEWE-6 is fully working.


Transworld Pakistan Updates:

  • The current situation is fixed and there is an improvement in the speed as well as in ping, below is my result of the speed test taken on 3/9/2022. If you are facing any issues, please let me know via email address Kamal@emeatribune.com and cc to csd@tes.com.pk (I am not working for Transworld but helping the users to share their concerns with the ISP).

speed test transworld karachi

  • As of 2/24/2022 Thursday the team is working tirelessly to restore the submarine cable system
  • TransWorld has added additional capacities for the users so they can have an uninterrupted connectivity
  • Seems like the problem comes again, TransWorld is now using Cloudflare, trying to fix the issue
  • Internet service on Thursday is much better now as it seems the problem is rectified
  • Users can use VPN without any issue such as Cloudflare WRAP, I have tested the and haven’t found any issue
  • It will take 2 to 3 days more to fix the issue from their side
  • PTA is arranging more bandwidth that will be added in the next 36 hours
  • 1:30 pm on Wednesday there was a slight improvement but still, there is a ping time out and very slow browsing
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