META is not going anywhere, not threatening to leave Europe

META is not going anywhere, not “threatening” to leave Europe

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USA: The giant social media platform META is not going anywhere, the company has clarified. Meta is not wanting or “threatening” to leave Europe says Markus Reinisch the Vice President, Public Policy Europe in a post. The Director of the News Partnerships has clarified in a post that “We are not planning on going anywhere”. Doub was disappointed by some journalists who are just copying the sensationalist framing of a pretty standard risk assessment in an earnings report.


META is not threatening to leave Europe:

This is not new. We’ve raised international data transfers in each of our earnings since at least Q2 2018, and highlighted the specific risk to our services in Europe and the need for a safe, secure EU-US data transfer mechanism in our last four earnings, Reinisch said.

The company has rejected the claims made by some journalists, urged them to see the original report posted by the META Newsroom.


Facebook and Instagram are transparent platforms, and their policies are much better than others. From combating hate speeches to countering bad actors, this platform is doing “Hard Work” for decades. Read some of my exclusive reports about the company.


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